Packwood Preprolls


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Packwood’s are the dankest blunts packed with 2 full grams of premium flower, drizzled with 1 gram of 100% Co2 extracted top-shelf oil, dipped in hash oil, and finally, we COVER this tightly wrapped blunt of joy in kief.

Packwood cigars are a product of 420 cannabis thrives a legal dispensary of pre-rolls in the USA. A throwback to the days of scruffy stogie-chomping cowboys, and cheap saloons, this is an all tobacco machine-made cigar which has change hand and it’s been produced by 420 cannabis thrives/dispensary.

This classic unbound, the rough-looking rope has been around for what seems to be forever… and continues to offer the very same smooth taste it’s been known for from the beginning

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5, 10, 50, 100


Sativa, Indica, Hybrid


Gorilla Glue, Mango Haze, Thin Mint, Banana OG, Grape Ape, LA Confidential, Strawberry Cough, Wedding Cake


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