Tangie og

Tangie og is another fantastic offering from DNA Genetics in Amsterdam that has quickly gained popularity in its home and is spreading elsewhere. This strain is a remake of sorts of the popular version of Tangerine Dream that was sought-after in the 1990s. The genetics on this strain is a cross of California Orange and a Skunk hybrid, and its citrus heritage is the most evident in its refreshing tangerine aroma. As a plant, Tangie og grows best outside, producing sticky buds that provide euphoric yet relaxed effects.Tangie og

Wax is an opaque, solid substance that is produced via a similar process as shatter. In appearance, wax looks buttery, and it does not have the same translucent appearance as shatter. Tangie og , Different wax consistencies are create using varying oil textures and different moisture and heat levels. Variations of wax include the following:

Tangie og , there is an initial Sativa kick followed by extremely powerful Indica sensations. This strain was actually labeled as an Indica when I purchased it which isn’t really true since it’s an OG strain. The effects speak differently, however. After a few hits, I was forced it sit down hard and just zone out to some Netflix. The quality of napping is also? increased while under the effects of this strain, letting you slowly drift off into dreamland with ease. People looking for medicinal benefits out of this strain will find relief from symptoms of pain as well as nausea or insomnia. tangier OG wax online USA buy cheap order near me quality

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